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Elk City, Dixie

Elk City

Located about 60 miles east of Grangeville in the very heart of the Nez Perce National Forest is Elk City. The town has restaurants and taverns, overnight lodging, gas and a small airstrip.

The Elk City/Red River/Dixie region attracts outdoor recreationists year-round. During hunting season, Elk City really comes to life as hundreds of sportsmen come from all over the U.S. to experience some of the best elk hunting in the country. Wintertime finds Elk City’s Main Street lined with snowmobiles, a popular means of wintertime transportation and recreation in the area.

History-Twenty two prospectors from Pierce discovered the Elk City mines in May, 1861 and a gold rush followed that summer. Permanent log buildings were begun in August and within a month about 40 stores, saloons and cabins were ready for winter use.

Most of the miners rushed off to other new bananzas that fall but Elk City still became one of the important Idaho gold camps.


Visitors who travel the 32 miles south from Elk City will arrive at the community of Dixie. The community supports about 40 year-round residents. Services include an automotive repair service near Red River and a small landing field for airplanes, food, lodging, groceries and fuel.

Timberliners Snowmobile Club sponsors winter games in January, February and March. Activities a poker ride and races.

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Courtesy of Idaho County Free Press

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